Beautiful People: June with Aislynn

PAPERFURYBeautiful People is a monthly character interview hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. Since there are only 10 questions, I’ve decided to save the 20 question Character Studies interviews for my main characters, and use Beautiful People to introduce and develop some of my minor characters instead.

*is totally not late for this* Remember Meryn’s Character Study? I talked (and she talked) a little bit about her younger sister, Aislynn, and said I might introduce her to you. Well, here she is, in this childhood-themed Beautiful People: Aislynn, the girl who, according to Meryn, “practically breathes books.”

  • What is their first childhood memory?

Probably something like watching Meryn read a book for school and wanting to be like her and read it too. (Because, you know, everything about a bookworm involves books.)

  • What were their best and worst childhood experiences?

Best childhood experience would be a trip that Meryn and Aislynn’s mother took them on around the city to a pretty extensive and interactive children’s museum. This is one of the biggest things that sparked Aislynn’s love for learning and curiosity about new things. She still has the souvenir she got from the gift shop at the end–a little figurine holding a model train.

  • What was their childhood home like?

Their family is pretty rich, so her childhood home was full of expensive stuff and luxuries. She’s not nearly as spoiled as Meryn, though, because she’s a little bit more quiet and maybe just didn’t even care as much. As far as the people in her home, I think her parents were always sort of distant from her and Meryn, but they still took care of and provided for them. Aislynn did feel close to her mom when she was younger, but as they got older that kind of faded.

  • What’s something that scared them as child?

The airtrains (specifically she was afraid that it would fall off the tracks while they were inside), which was a problem because they’re the public transportation that everyone uses to get around the city. Since it was such a prevalent thing she eventually learned to face that fear, though she still isn’t too great with heights sometimes.

  • Who did they look up to most?

Oh, Meryn, definitely. Older sister idolatry all the way to following her around and trying to hang out with her friends. She still does that sometimes, hehe….

  • Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?

Her favorite childhood food was grapes. (And she still loves them.) Because grapes are really yummy and why not have them as a favorite food? Her least favorite food would probably be just whatever “delicacies” her parents had that they brought home from parties and stuff. Though Meryn has more of an advanced (maybe diverse?) palate for food, Aislynn has always liked familiar foods.

  • If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?

Possibly some small things but overall she did enjoy her childhood. Maybe she would have decided to learn more on her own than at school, since that tends to work better for her.

  • What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

Very quiet, and very curious. Aislynn has always wanted to learn more about everything–she was one of those little kids who will annoy you by asking “Why?” over and over again after every question you answer. Around strangers, though, she was mostly quiet.

  • What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?

Aislynn saw Meryn as her idol and wanted to be like her, though as she grew older she’s starting to learn that she can be her own person. She really loved her parents when she was younger, and her relationship with her mom was pretty good (or at least she thought it was pretty good…when you’re little you have unconditional love so that could have been a factor) but the older she got, the more distant they were. While Meryn openly rebelled with their parents and fought with them, Aislynn did what they said and was quiet, so she just kind of…disappeared in her parents’ eyes. That really hurt sometimes, but mostly she just tried to ignore it.

  • What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?

Eh, she’s not exactly “grown up” yet but I’m thinking she wants to be a scientist and research stuff, maybe psychology or botany, I haven’t decided that yet. Either one could be really interesting…

There, now you’ve heard about Aislynn! Not to mention I finally finished this totally late interview. The fun thing about her and Meryn is that they’re so close together that whenever I develop one of them, I inadvertently end up developing the other. So you might just have learned some more about Meryn as well. 🙂 Out of curiosity, are there any characters I’ve mentioned that you’d like to learn more about? (I don’t know how many I’ve mentioned, though, so you probably don’t have any…)

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