Becoming an Author — Authory Updates, Goals, and Whatnot

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Yeah, I didn’t write a hiatus post…but it’s too late now. I was gone (church youth camp), I came back, and celebrations are in order. Or a virtual cookie handout. One of the two.

Anyway…this new post! It might turn into a blog series…who knows. It’s called Becoming an Author, with the emphasis on the unspoken “not just a writer”. You see, I’ve made a few decisions over the past few weeks that mainly culminate to this:

If I want to become an author as a career, then I had better start acting like one right now.

Hence becoming an author.

And I want to talk with you about my goals! And ideas! And how I’m faring after my first day at the “job” of being an “actual” author! (Decent…decent.)

But first, some updates.

So, you know I’ve been working on my Iris novella. I finished that last Saturday (the week-and-a-half ago one) at about a total of 24,000 words. It…was pretty great. It felt really good to start and finish something and to know that I put my heart into it. It was fun. It was emotional. And I’m so happy I wrote it.

(And, you know, if you were one of the people who read the Spotlights and decided you wanted more, tell me in the comments and I’ll email the story to you.)

Besides that, I’ve had a whole bunch of plot bunnies, mostly from my dreams, oddly enough. I wrote a 1500-word story/poem/story-poem that was vaguely Rapunzel based from a dream I had. And it was fun.

But I’ve been talking…to myself, to my family, to friends…and I know that I can’t keep writing short stuff like this. If I want to be an author, I need to write a novel. Like, an actual one. That I finish, and revise, and try to publish.

So, I had a little talk/counsel/thing with my parents yesterday and worked out some goals and a schedule for what I’m going to do this summer, and in the future.

First, I needed money. Because there’s things like college looming in my near future (eek!), and who knows when I’ll actually publish something. So I’m working part-time this summer for my dad & grandpa. (I’m transcribing my dad’s journals and editing my grandpa’s history. Both of which should maybe help me with writing, and I’ll enjoy them much more than some other entry-level job.)

And secondly, I need to write like it was my actual job. Well, not necessarily, because I’m only doing two hours a day. But I’m doing two hours a day! Which means I’ll be doing something consistently with writing, which I have not done in the past.

Also, I’m working on one novel that will hopefully be ready to be published by June 2018. If it’s not publishing-worthy or if I don’t publish it by then, whatever. But I just want to have it as ready as I can make it.

Want to know what it is?

Drumroll, please…

It’s Battle Song, the novel I started last November for NaNoWriMo! And, as a plus for me, there’s already a page for it. (An non-updated page, for sure, and everything’s subject to change, but hey, it’s there.)

Besides the novel ha, I make it sound like it’s so easy to write a novel, I’m also looking to publish a few short stories, whether through magazines or contests. If you know of a good one, please tell me! I’d love to hear it! I have one or two (or maybe just one) stories I could try to publish, so I’ll probably need to write more, but I want to try to get my name out there and maybe develop my craft a little more along the way.

I want to publish at least one short story by September 1, 2017. Because that’d be cool. *nods*

Aside from writing, there’s blogging! Yes sirree, you never thought this day would come, the day when I, Lana, at The Music of Words, would actually make…a posting schedule.

I’m going to spend two hours on “writing marketing” (which is basically just talking to people online and writing blog posts) once a week, and write two blog posts & set them to post. (Probably Saturday, since I don’t have “work” that day.) And then the other day that my post comes out, Tuesday, will also be my blog response day where I respond to comments. Which is only supposed to take 30 minutes. Heh. Heh. Heh.

But, as you can tell, it is a Wednesday, which isn’t on my posting schedule at all. It’s also not in my general schedule either, but I’m writing this during my free time. So if I have a brilliant idea for a blog post, it might appear on a random day. (You can thank me later.)

Oh yes! So, today was my very first day on the job. I actually followed a schedule from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Crazy, I know! (And then I had free time…ahh man, I’m going to love my free time.) So, how did it go?

Well. It went well. (Wahoo for good grammar!)

Okay, it was actually easier than I thought to keep to a schedule, though I was sorely tempted to stop and just finish the book I was reading. (I finished it during my lunch break, instead. And then read another book during my after-five-pm free time. *grins*)

But it was also hard to work on writing. I’m trying to figure out world building so that it’s actually cool (not to mention I think it’ll solve a lot of plot problems), but it’s more difficult than expected. How does one take influences from a real-world culture, put it into a fake world, with certain requirements and characters, and still make it realistic? I have no idea. But at least I’m trying, and that feels really good.

talk with me!

Do you like/not like the Becoming an Author posts & why? What should I do differently in the next one? (less updates, more advice?) Are you excited for my goals as well? What are your plans for the future & what career do you want to go into/are in? What are your best tips for keeping to a schedule? Or for writing? Or just tips for life in general? I’m a willing listener here to all the sage wisdom you have to give. Especially if it’s a little sarcastic. *wink wink*


13 thoughts on “Becoming an Author — Authory Updates, Goals, and Whatnot

  1. May @ Forever and Everly June 8, 2017 / 1:06 PM

    WORLDBUILDING IS MUCHO HARD. Like how do I even create a world??? Like I get creating story and people. BUT A WHOLE WORLD??? *dies* I want more Iris please!!! I may not get to read it super soon, but I’ll get around to it! I’m so glad you’re deciding to become more “authorly” — I honestly couldn’t do that because PROCRASTINATIOOOOOOON. Go Lana! We’re all cheering for you. ❤


    • Lana June 21, 2017 / 9:25 PM

      I know! But the challenge also makes world building a lot of fun…although I’m not sure if our brains are supposed to hold that much knowledge, haha! And alrighty, I’ll email you Iris, and you can read it whenever you get around to it. 😉 And thank you so much for the motivation and cheering! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kellyn Roth June 8, 2017 / 10:39 PM

    OH MY GOSH IT’S FINISHED!!!! *throws confetti* *eats confetti* *smothers you in confetti* Congrats on Iris, Lana! That’s amaze! I love the feeling of finishing a story … so good, am I right?!?!

    Also … I am in awe with this whole schedule thing and becoming a serious author and all that … I wish I had the strength to do something like that! I’ve yet to actually keep a schedule consistently or get really serious about anything and … I’m really impressed with you, girl! Good job!

    Do you like/not like the Becoming an Author posts & why?:
    I do! I love them! I think it’s a great idea! I can’t wait to see more of them … this one was really awesome! It was youish but still professional and all. I’m actually a little inspired to do something similar … goal-wise, anyway, not really post-wise. Okay, I guess I just contradicted myself …

    What should I do differently in the next one?:
    I think this one was pretty awesome, but I guess advice would be cool. I’d like to hear more about what you’re doing. Your schedule and stuff, I mean. 🙂

    Are you excited for my goals as well?:

    What are your plans for the future & what career do you want to go into/are in?:
    I really, really want to be a writer … but yes, I need to plan for the future more! I need to think of something to do after highschool other than write and be a waitress to save money. 😛 I guess a couple community college classes until I find things out?

    What are your best tips for keeping to a schedule?:
    None. Absolutely none. I’m probably much worse at this than you are, Lana … I make schedule after schedule and I never stick to them. It’s like I have no motivation … *sigh*

    Or for writing?:
    Nope. And if I have any, I’ve rambled about them on my blog … XD

    Or just tips for life in general?:
    Don’t marry a drummer. *nods*


    • Lana June 9, 2017 / 10:17 PM

      *eats confetti as well* I’M VERY HAPPYYY 😀 And yes, it felt so good to start and actually finish something! And something that’s overall pretty good. 🙂

      Kell, you are a serious author! I’m in awe whenever I look at what you’ve done with your publishing and all your revisions and stuff. You are so amazing & inspiring! If you have yet to keep a schedule consistently…you’ll be totally unstoppable when you do. 😉

      You should make some goals, if you want to! These were good especially since I talked to my parents and they helped me figure out some of it and that was helpful for motivation.

      Like, you want to hear about what my schedule is, or…?


      You can do it, Kell! Wait, are you a waitress? I think you’ve told me that already…but that’s awesome! Is it fun? Ooh, I’ve heard community college classes can be really fun because you get people of all ages coming and learning, which sounds like such an interesting dynamic.

      I don’t know, I guess what’s been helping me keep to my schedule thus far (you know, a whole three days!) is that it’s something that I really want to do. I guess something that I need to do to fulfill my goals, and that’s helpful. I don’t know, I’m sure God inspired me, too! I guess your “why” has to be stronger than anything else–the reason why you are doing it. Maybe that helps, a little bit? I’m certainly not an expert at keeping to schedules, but… 🙂

      *nods* Well, I’ve met a few drummers, and one is pretty nice, but I’ve only talked to him like once, so that probably won’t be a problem. I am curious, though…why?


  3. Jordy Leigh June 9, 2017 / 10:08 PM

    Lana, Lana, I loved reading this post! It felt so motivational to me as someone who is also working a part-time job and trying to get published. I can’t wait to see what might possibly come next in the series!! Eek, this is so exciting!

    And good job sticking to your schedule on day one. How have you been keeping to it since then?


    • Lana June 19, 2017 / 11:22 PM

      Oh, yay, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I agree; it is always so cool to hear about what other people are doing and striving to accomplish! May I ask what you are doing for your part-time job & how you are liking it so far?

      Thank you! Well, I did about three days of it before I went on vacation with my family. 😛 But I started again today, and so far it’s going well again! (Although, I think I procrastinated a bit more than I should’ve…)


      • Jordy Leigh June 20, 2017 / 5:05 AM

        Yes, you may ask! X) I’m teaching English as a second language at a nursery/childcare. The kids are really young (2-6 years old) but they’re still expected to be learning. I like it, though I would appreciate less hours of it.

        Great to hear you’ve been sticking to your plan pretty well! And here’s to hoping that you will beat procrastination! Just wait until you get out of the vacation frame of mind. 🙂 You sound really resolved. 🙂


  4. May @ Forever and Everly June 10, 2017 / 4:46 PM


    I think it might be in spam, since I was having spam problems the day I commented. D’you know how to check spam?


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