Mid-Hiatus Update (After 1 Month)

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Hey readers!

I’m just popping in to give you a quick update on how my hiatus/writing has been going.

If you read my last post (my hiatus post) you’ll know that I’m on hiatus until I finish Battle Song because I’ve determined that’s the “one thing” (the most important thing) I need to do writing-wise.

Tomorrow it will have been one month since that post, so I wanted to give you some updates.

So how is the writing going?

It’s been going well! I haven’t written every day, but I have written a majority of the days in that month. Barely, haha. 16 out of 30. And I have definitely made progress.

Last month, Battle Song was 27,686 words long. Now it is 56,381. So not only did I pass the 50K mark (which is exciting!), but I also wrote 28,695 words this month. Okay, not as good as a NaNoWriMo, but still good!

I’ve been trying to write an hour every day, though occasionally it goes longer. It’s a lot easier now that it’s the summer! Yesterday I probably wrote for two hours, though I’m not certain.

Best of all, once I start writing, I usually get into it pretty quickly. Why is that? Well, here are the reasons I think.

  1. My outline! It’s seriously a life saver. It’s so nice to not have to wonder what to write next. Of course, a few little things change now and then, but instead of taking time to think of what comes next, I’m able to spend that time writing.
  2. My writing log. I’m not really sure why this is so helpful to me. Basically all I do is make a daily log of how much I wrote, how long it took me, and my writing speed in words per minute. It’s not really that I want to challenge myself because most of the time I don’t care about how fast I write (though I am getting faster). I think it’s just oddly rewarding to write down what I’ve written and calculate the speed.

Plus, I’m getting into some exciting stuff! In my Battle Song Q&A post, I mentioned the scenes I was most excited to write. Well, I’m on the first one of those right now, scenes 37-38! And it is exciting and fun to start revealing some new things.

But my overall feeling is: I want to be done with this draft! Not because I dislike writing in it (actually, I quite like it), but I want it to be done so that other people can read it! So they can compliment me? Probably. But it’s every author’s purpose to have their book be read by someone, isn’t it?

Probably just my family/friends will read this draft, once I’m done. And then there will be revisions. But…that’s still a long way off! Which leads me to the next part of this post.

Do you know when you’ll be back?

Well…not really. I’m still hoping to finish Battle Song by the end of summer, so hopefully by the end of August!

But this month I wrote about 28K. Assuming I write that much next month (which I’m not sure I will, considering I have two week-long vacations planned, that would bring me to about 85K. Another month would be 112K. I’m not sure if Battle Song will be quite that long, but it’s probably safe to assume I’ll finish sometime around the end of August.

That means I should be back, blogging again, near the beginning of September.

I’ll try to have another hiatus update post next month and see if I have a clearer idea on how close I am to finishing Battle Song. (I’m kind of hoping I’ll speed up the closer I get to the end, heh.)

So, to sum up this post, the writing is going well, and I should be back in September if all goes well.

Talk with me!

How has this past month gone for you? Have you been working on writing projects? If so, what are they and how are they going? What is the best thing you’ve gotten to do this summer, and what are you most excited for with the rest of it?

16 thoughts on “Mid-Hiatus Update (After 1 Month)

  1. Julia June 20, 2018 / 6:07 PM

    I’m so glad to hear your writing is going well! 😃 I personally have been [re]replotting a story of my own. The first draft was 210 pages long, and the second had been over 100 in when I realized it didn’t really have a plot. And so here I am! I got on my computer to work on it, but then I saw your post, so now I’m writing a comment instead… 😂
    Well, duty calls! Good luck with your writing! 😄


    • Lana June 20, 2018 / 8:38 PM

      Thanks! Wow, that sounds like an exciting project. What’s the novel about?

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      • Julia June 21, 2018 / 7:42 AM

        I’m still trying to get the details down, but there are going to be fantasy creatures, dragons, magic, and royalty; a rebellion, broken laws, and sibling bonds that literally bond each other together to the death. (Wow, it sounds super epic when I put it that way! 😂)


      • Lana June 21, 2018 / 8:48 AM

        That does sound awesome! Makes me want to read it! 😀

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      • Julia June 21, 2018 / 9:23 AM

        Haha, thanks! 😃


  2. Kellyn Roth July 20, 2018 / 12:38 AM

    Hi there! *insert sheepish wave* Uh… I have not been functioning recently??? XD

    How has this past month gone for you?:
    Well, it really depends on what month you’re talking about! Arg, I’ve been so remiss in my commenting duties and whatnot!! I just haven’t touched other bloggers’ posts because I’ve been so busy, but that means I haven’t been in contact with other bloggers … it’s just not good at all!

    So, July has been going pretty well so far! June was also fairly good – but busy. Crazy busy.

    Have you been working on writing projects? If so, what are they and how are they going?:
    Oh, so many! The internet was off this last week, so I started three novels only to immediately drop one to move on to the next – so Sail Away (Cassie’s story), All Made New (Kirk’s story), and a story about Steven Parker (Posy’s dad, he was in Ivy Introspective) when he was young … I am so easily distracted!

    What is the best thing you’ve gotten to do this summer, and what are you most excited for with the rest of it?:
    Well, so far I haven’t done much this summer … uh, I guess sleepover with a friend?? That was super fun. And then I watched the whole third season of Downton Abbey in like two days. I’m not proud … 😛 But I blame the internet – or the lack of! 😉

    What’s up with you???!!! It’s been a while since this post, haha – like a solid month.


    • Lana July 21, 2018 / 11:05 AM

      It’s okay! Since I haven’t been blogging myself…I don’t know, it just feels harder to comment on other people’s posts! So I totally understand. 🙂

      Haha, I understand getting distracted! Out of curiosity, have you outlined all of those stories already, or did you just start writing them?

      Oooh, that does sound like fun! Also…watching Downton Abbey sounds fun too. I’ve never seen it, but I want to!

      Yeah, I should probably write a post today since it’s been another month! So…I have a full-time job now, which takes up a lot of my time…but money! So it’s good. Oh, I went on a church camp thing for a week, which was fun! And then I’ve been working on Battle Song…and I’m getting into some climax-y/exciting scenes, which is awesome! But it’s still a struggle to write some days…you know how it is.

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      • Kellyn Roth July 21, 2018 / 5:19 PM

        Yep, it’s tough for me to remember to actually comment, haha. Most of the time I give up after a while BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO AT LEAST COMMENT ON THIS ONE, so I didn’t delete it from my inbox. 😛

        Uh … I just started writing them? Which is soooo very unlike me. Most of the time I won’t let myself do that, but … I was too bored for reason.

        Hmm, I don’t know if you’d like it or not! It’s interesting … definitely quite dramatic, haha. 😛

        Oh, good for you!! I should get a full-time job. In the fall, I’ll be working four days a week – but only for a couple hours (3:30-7:30? Not sure how the schedule will work out), so nothing at all near full-time, so yep.

        Ooh, great! Exciting scenes are exciting! (I’m having problems with words today, haha.) Yeahhh, it’s so annoying! I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump these last couple days – I think just exhaustion from saying up so late and then not really reading which is inspirational and then busyness. 😉 Or I could just be honest and say, “Yeah, I’m lazy.” 😛


      • Lana July 28, 2018 / 5:17 PM

        Yay, thanks! 😀 Glad you were able to comment…better late than never, right?

        Oooh, fun, pantsing! How does it feel?

        I like drama…unless it gets too unrealistic. Hmmm…

        Oooh, that sounds fun! Honestly, I’d rather have a part-time job than a full-time job…except for the money! I’m going to have to live and eat and pay for books during college somehow! Do you know where you’re working already? (Is it still the museum?)

        Well, it sounds like you’ve gotten out of that slump (from your progress on Before a Fall). And yep, laziness comes into play, but the other stuff does too! I’m way more likely to write if I get enough sleep.

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      • Kellyn Roth July 29, 2018 / 12:08 PM

        Exactly! It may be super late, but it was not never. 😛

        Errr … it feels like I’ve completely abandoned the structure my writing sits upon …??? 😉 Really, though, it’s actually been kinda fun. Of course I’ve been forcing myself to work on Before a Fall (and really that’s not super hard) because

        Yes, unrealistic drama is not good. It’s more like everything that could feasibly go wrong in this family’s life goes wrong. 😛 Okay, not really, but kinda …

        Yes, it is nice to have a little extra time, but I’d like to have a few extra hours … maybe like noon to seven instead? 😛 I don’t know, something like that.

        Well, now I’m working at a gymnastics academy as the front desk person and subbing as a small-child-wrangler (I feel like I’ve said this but I’m saying it again … oops?). 😉 I am volunteering at the museum, but there’s no pay.

        Yep! At least I’m hoping it lasts! 🙂 Yeah, agreed … not necessarily on sleep (I’m a night owl, haha), but it’s not just laziness that makes you busy!


      • Lana July 30, 2018 / 9:59 AM

        Haha, poor Kell, writing without your outlines. 😛 Wait…what were you going to say? The cliffhanger of that sentence!

        Well, it sounds like I’ll either really like it or really not like it. 😛 Because part of me likes awful things happening to characters.

        Ahh, that’d be good! And…I don’t actually remember you saying anything about the gymnastics academy before. But that’s awesome!

        I hope so too! I cant decide if I’m a night owl or not… I think I am a night owl because whenever it gets late I always suddenly have the desire to do a million things I didn’t want to do during the day…but again, I’m also super tired at that time, so I can’t do them. *shrugs*

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      • Kellyn Roth July 30, 2018 / 5:51 PM

        Haha! 😛 I don’t know how I did that. I guess forgetting mid-sentence that I was writing a sentence …? “Of course I’ve been forcing myself to work on Before a Fall (and really that’s not super hard) because … I want to finish is sooner rather than later!” At least, I assume I was going to say something like that!

        Haha, well, if you ever give it a try, we’ll have to see! Though it’s also hard to like because the characters are all awful for most of the first reason. 😛 And then they get better.

        I must’ve not mentioned it. *shrugs* I can never remember what I said! 😉 Where are you working …? If you’re okay with saying, that is.

        You’re a low-functioning night owl. 😛 Haha, just kidding.


      • Lana August 2, 2018 / 10:12 AM

        Haha, that’s how I feel about Battle Song. I just want to finish it! I mean, it’s fun…but at the moment, I’m really just writing so that I can have that feeling of finally being done with it. (Well, the first draft, anyway.)

        Yep, we’ll see!

        I’m working at an assembly line…which is fun…ish. But it has pretty good pay for a first job for someone totally inexperienced, so that’s good!

        Haha, that’s a good description. 😛

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      • Kellyn Roth August 2, 2018 / 4:02 PM

        YES! Right, I’m quite ready to be done with any number of projects, haha, but I want to be done with Before a Fall especially!

        Oh, interesting! I’ve never done anything like that. That’s good! 🙂


      • Lana August 7, 2018 / 9:25 PM

        Good luck! Although by this point, you may have finished already! (Oh, I finished Battle Song!! I need to get a blog plan going though before I post about it.)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kellyn Roth August 8, 2018 / 2:44 PM

        Well, I’m still working on it because I got distracted. *facepalm*


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