I’m Back! (Hiatus Wrap-Up + Battle Song Ending Thoughts + Blogging Plans)

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Hello all! I’m back earlier than I thought I would be because…I finished the first draft of Battle Song

Here are some stats on Battle Song, just for fun! It has:

  • 89,016 words
  • 41 chapters + an epilogue
  • 1 POV character (1st person, past tense)
  • 24 named characters
  • 202 document pages

It was quite the adventure! There were some really dramatic scenes as I reached the end…those were fun to write! Everything started coming together and I had to reference lots of earlier scenes as I pulled everything together. I don’t think I did it perfectly, but I think I did it well enough (for the first draft, anyway)!

So…what are my writing plans now?

Well, I’m letting Battle Song sit for a little while before I come back to it and start revising (which will give my alpha readers a chance to look over it). I think I’ll leave it for a month or two.

Here’s what my main writing-related goals will be during this period:

  1. Start blogging consistently and with a plan.
  2. Decide what my next novel will be.
  3. Outline my next novel.
  4. Outline and begin writing a middle grade novel for my younger brother on the side.

And then I’ll come back and begin the adventure of revising! Which…I’ve never done before. (That’s why it’ll be an adventure. Well, there’s a first time for everything!)

Speaking of the first point, about blogging…I have some ideas. I’m still figuring out the exact plan, and I’ll probably end up experimenting with different posts.

But for now, my ideas are:

  • monthly mini book reviews post
  • writing updates (not sure in what form)
  • writing advice posts
  • possibly book reviews
  • little writing snippets from my life
  • and a monthly post that is currently secret.

We’ll see how these ideas work out. I’m going to be posting twice a week. In the past, I posted on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but once college starts, those days might change depending on how busy I am.

Oh, and just for fun, I wanted to record, after the first draft, what I think are the best things in Battle Song and what things will most need to be revised. Then when I start revising, I want to see if my opinion has changed.

So here’s my top three best things:

  1. Amrya’s conflicting emotions
  2. Plot reveals (hopefully!)
  3. The book’s overall enjoyable-ness

And the three things I think I’ll need to do the most during revision:

  1. Develop Rhys’s and Malena’s characters
  2. Clarify Amrya’s character arc
  3. Add more description

So that will be fun to come back to in a month or two, when I start revising!

let’s talk!

I’m curious about what all of you writers do after you finish a first draft. How long do you let a novel sit between the first draft and revision? How many people do you have alpha read vs. beta read? Do you ask them to look for different things?

And on the subject of my blogging, what posts are you most/least excited for?

2 thoughts on “I’m Back! (Hiatus Wrap-Up + Battle Song Ending Thoughts + Blogging Plans)

  1. Julia August 21, 2018 / 2:27 PM

    I usually let a month pass between finishing the first draft and beginning the revision, at the least.

    I would suggest having about 3 readers for each round (alpha and beta) Make sure that they’re close friends who will tell you honestly what they think. I would also suggest making sure two of them are writers and one is a reader because then you get some from each point of view – you want more of the writing side of things, but you also want a reader’s. 😉


  2. Kellyn Roth August 23, 2018 / 5:54 PM


    Okay. *calms down* It's all good …

    How long do you let a novel sit between the first draft and revision?:

    Er … technically a month, but it's ended up being at least three months or as much as six months. *facepalm* I am bad at getting on things …

    I didn't take a huge break with Once a Stratton (like a week, seriously) and that wasn't too bad, though … Maybe I pamper myself? But I really like pampering myself!

    How many people do you have alpha read vs. beta read?:

    Under ten alphas, maybe only four or five, and then as many beta readers as I can get. 😉 Well, you know, within boundaries – I REALLY need to set up a screening process for betas! Alphas I usually choose individually, but sometimes I'll also ask people I don't know super well if I'm feeling insane … but that's proven to be a bad idea. 😉 For me, at least, alphas REALLY need to be people I know. Betas, however … I have to put on a tough skin for betas. 😛

    I feel like I'm rambling – I blame this on being a bit sick. 😉

    Do you ask them to look for different things?:

    Yeah, usually I do … though with my most recent beta-readers I've just been like, "Eh, tell me what you think about the plot and characters and stuff …" 😛

    And on the subject of my blogging, what posts are you most/least excited for?:

    Ooh, I don't know! I like writing updates/snippets/whatnot … and writing advice is always good! 😛 Annnddd … I'm excited to know about this "secret" monthly updates post. 😉 I do like monthly updates … #soniceandneat #usinghashtags


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