Something I need to say.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
(Proverbs 3:5-6)

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
(Matthew 5:44)

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
(1 Corinthians 1:27)

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
(2 Chronicles 7:14)

I know this is true. If we come together as Christians and Americans, God can use us as instruments in His hands for good. If we trust in Him and His plan, He can heal both our hearts and our land. I know He can.

Flourishing by Restful Falls


There’s something I need to say.

If you’re an American citizen, Trump IS your president. Period.

Personally, I don’t think you can say you’re an American if you don’t accept the outcome of the election. Having your own view is good, but slamming down on our president is NOT ok. He is our commander in chief, and trust me, he isn’t leaving any time soon.

And the more you rebuke the result of the election, the more our country will separate and become weak.

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”
Romans 13:1-7

Trust me, God made Trump our president, he has a plan. And we need to trust that plan. God uses all kinds of people for his good. Do you want “proof” that Trump becoming out president was all…

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Happy 1st Birthday!

You know, I always thought that when I’d had my first blogversary I’d do something really awesome, like have a book giveaway or…or I don’t know, something cool. But by now, you can probably guess that I have nothing planned. Not even cake. Unless it’s virtual blog birthday cake. In which case I have a multitude of it. Enjoy.

So if you have any ideas, please tell me what I could do to celebrate The Music of Words‘s birthday. Any posts you want me to write? A new series of blog posts? A story or excerpts you want me to post? Something awesome? -shrugs- I’ve got nothing right now.

But yes, exactly one year ago, I decided I wanted a blog and made one. Since then, I’ve written 65 posts, gained 61 followers (including myself, obviously), chatted with 658 visitors for a total of 874 comments, and received a total of 2,111 views. Thanks, everyone!

I find that I don’t have much more to write. I guess all I have to say is happy birthday, blog, and thank you all for reading/following/commenting/etc.!

Finding Happiness in a Jealous World

There is so much talent in this world. So much that, at times, it’s really hard not to feel bad about ourselves or jealous of others. There’s so much comparison in the world, and we want to be the best. Or, sometimes, it’s not even that. Sometimes we just want to be as good as someone else, and we’re not.

As a writer, it’s hard not to be jealous of others; just think of the millions of books that have been published. Apparently, the statistic (from a quick search on Google) is that a million books are published in a year in the U.S. That’s strong competition. The questions start to creep in: will I ever publish a book? Will someone ever read my writing and love it? Everyone is telling me that I’m a young writer, that I won’t be published for years, and sometimes it is so hard to keep the dedication.

In some ways, it’s even harder to not be jealous of the people close to us. Even writers that I’m close to, that I love and are amazing and I should wish all the best for them, I sometimes feel a twinge of jealousy when they seem to be progressing so much farther or so much faster than I am.

The world is so full of competition and self-pity. We see someone who has practiced art for years paint something and say to ourselves, “I wish I was that talented,” and when someone asks us to draw something, we say, “I can’t.”

Tell me, what has happened when you have told a girl she was pretty? 90% of the time the reaction is “What? No, I’m not. What are you talking about?” I can’t tell whether it’s because they really are confused by the compliment, or if they want the compliment to continue; they want reassurance that they really are beautiful.

You are.

You are beautiful. You are talented. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, especially if it’s yourself.

But maybe the reason the world is like this is because we made it this way. In our jealousy, in our pity, we’ve become self-centered. When others have accomplishments, because of our lack of them, we have no joy in them. In fact, sometimes we even wish that others would not have done such a wonderful thing so that we wouldn’t feel so bad.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Just think of how wonderful this would be: whenever someone had a good day, you had a good day, too. Whenever someone accomplished something, you shared in their joy. Whenever you saw someone making a difference, you were happy that the world was a better, brighter place, and you were encouraged, not discouraged. As one of my teachers put it, “Life would be a party all the time.”

Isn’t that what we want life to be like? We want to be happy. But we mistakenly believe that this will come by others praising us for what we do, or from being better than other people.

Happiness doesn’t come from the outside in. It comes from the inside out. Only you have the power to decide whether you are happy or not. When people used to tell me that, I didn’t understand what they meant when I was so sad. But I think I understand now.

It means that when someone accomplishes something, you choose whether to be happy or jealous. It means that when someone is better than you, you choose whether to use them as a model or to covet their position. It means that when someone gives you constructive criticism, you choose whether to honestly receive it or to push it away because you don’t want to change.

It’s hard. I will freely admit that, that right now, in the short-term, making that decision to put others in front of yourself is hard. But happiness is worth it, and it becomes easier every time you make that decision.

I challenge you: make the choice. Say “thank you” when someone compliments you, and pay it forward by complimenting others. Share in the joy of other people’s accomplishments. Smile at people. Serve others. Work hard. You will be happy, and you will find your worth.

There is a quote by Elder D. Todd Christofferson, a leader in my church, that I think describes this perfectly. “We become more substantive as we serve others. Indeed, it’s easier to find ourselves because there’s so much more of us to find.”

God for President?

This is a fabulous post by my friend Kellyn Roth that I think should be reblogged all over the blogosphere. However you feel about the results of the election, and whether or not you believe in God, the thing we need right now is love among ourselves instead of contention. That’s what will see us through no matter what happens in the future.


Today millions of American have to choose between two presidential candidates.

One is Delilah in her trickiest form.

The other is a bull-headed Samson.

That’s a hard choice, and I won’t even try to tell you which one is better. This is one of the most debated elections in the history of the USA, and I think I’ll stay out of it, especially since I can’t vote. 😛

Secular audiences seem to be of the opinion that if Clinton or Trump (whomever is their favorite) is chosen, America is going to become ‘great’ again. Because man is going up, up,up! (Ha!)

But that leads to the supposition that America was once great before.

Let’s think. When was America great? Most would say it was pretty good when the US first started up, back in the late 1700s. They might say it was greatest in the 1940s, the 1910s, or some point…

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Beautiful People: June with Aislynn

PAPERFURYBeautiful People is a monthly character interview hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. Since there are only 10 questions, I’ve decided to save the 20 question Character Studies interviews for my main characters, and use Beautiful People to introduce and develop some of my minor characters instead.

*is totally not late for this* Remember Meryn’s Character Study? I talked (and she talked) a little bit about her younger sister, Aislynn, and said I might introduce her to you. Well, here she is, in this childhood-themed Beautiful People: Aislynn, the girl who, according to Meryn, “practically breathes books.”

  • What is their first childhood memory?

Probably something like watching Meryn read a book for school and wanting to be like her and read it too. (Because, you know, everything about a bookworm involves books.)

  • What were their best and worst childhood experiences?

Best childhood experience would be a trip that Meryn and Aislynn’s mother took them on around the city to a pretty extensive and interactive children’s museum. This is one of the biggest things that sparked Aislynn’s love for learning and curiosity about new things. She still has the souvenir she got from the gift shop at the end–a little figurine holding a model train.

  • What was their childhood home like?

Their family is pretty rich, so her childhood home was full of expensive stuff and luxuries. She’s not nearly as spoiled as Meryn, though, because she’s a little bit more quiet and maybe just didn’t even care as much. As far as the people in her home, I think her parents were always sort of distant from her and Meryn, but they still took care of and provided for them. Aislynn did feel close to her mom when she was younger, but as they got older that kind of faded.

  • What’s something that scared them as child?

The airtrains (specifically she was afraid that it would fall off the tracks while they were inside), which was a problem because they’re the public transportation that everyone uses to get around the city. Since it was such a prevalent thing she eventually learned to face that fear, though she still isn’t too great with heights sometimes.

  • Who did they look up to most?

Oh, Meryn, definitely. Older sister idolatry all the way to following her around and trying to hang out with her friends. She still does that sometimes, hehe….

  • Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?

Her favorite childhood food was grapes. (And she still loves them.) Because grapes are really yummy and why not have them as a favorite food? Her least favorite food would probably be just whatever “delicacies” her parents had that they brought home from parties and stuff. Though Meryn has more of an advanced (maybe diverse?) palate for food, Aislynn has always liked familiar foods.

  • If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?

Possibly some small things but overall she did enjoy her childhood. Maybe she would have decided to learn more on her own than at school, since that tends to work better for her.

  • What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

Very quiet, and very curious. Aislynn has always wanted to learn more about everything–she was one of those little kids who will annoy you by asking “Why?” over and over again after every question you answer. Around strangers, though, she was mostly quiet.

  • What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?

Aislynn saw Meryn as her idol and wanted to be like her, though as she grew older she’s starting to learn that she can be her own person. She really loved her parents when she was younger, and her relationship with her mom was pretty good (or at least she thought it was pretty good…when you’re little you have unconditional love so that could have been a factor) but the older she got, the more distant they were. While Meryn openly rebelled with their parents and fought with them, Aislynn did what they said and was quiet, so she just kind of…disappeared in her parents’ eyes. That really hurt sometimes, but mostly she just tried to ignore it.

  • What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?

Eh, she’s not exactly “grown up” yet but I’m thinking she wants to be a scientist and research stuff, maybe psychology or botany, I haven’t decided that yet. Either one could be really interesting…

There, now you’ve heard about Aislynn! Not to mention I finally finished this totally late interview. The fun thing about her and Meryn is that they’re so close together that whenever I develop one of them, I inadvertently end up developing the other. So you might just have learned some more about Meryn as well. 🙂 Out of curiosity, are there any characters I’ve mentioned that you’d like to learn more about? (I don’t know how many I’ve mentioned, though, so you probably don’t have any…)

Weekly Writing Goals & Accountability

(First off, my apologies for not posting last week–I was on vacation. I’ll be gone next week as well, but I’ll try to write the posts in advance for it. No promises, though.)

Anyway, story time! When I was first introduced to NaNoWriMo, my dad was the one who introduced me to it. In fact, he wrote a novel with me that month, and then wrote with me on a few subsequent NaNoWriMos.

Though he hasn’t written much recently, I did convince him to make a project out of revising our novels together. (In my case, I’m rewriting Enhanced, not revising, but it’s pretty much the same thing.) We’d planned to start in May, but because school was super busy and I had the Research Week and all of that, we never actually talked about it.

But last Saturday, we talked together and I decided that we really were going to start it this month, and we decided to take baby steps. Baby steps out the door, baby steps to he elevator…

We each chose something we thought we would be able to accomplish in the next week and decided to follow up on the next Saturday to make sure the other had completed their goal and to make a new one.

We haven’t actually completed a week yet so I don’t have definite results on how well it works, but I have been more productive today than I have for a long time by trying to work on my goal, so I think it’ll work really well. Plus, I’ve always heard that being held accountable to do something helps you to actually do it.

If you look on the sidebar of my blog, I now have a section called “Weekly Writing Goal” where you can see my goal for this week, which will also give you a heads up on what I’m working on at the moment (and maybe make the reasoning behind some of my blog posts make more sense). So every Saturday I’ll update that and you’ll be able to see what new thing I’m working on.

This week my writing goal is: Write basic plot outline of Enhanced and complete general world building for the Outer Regions.

The fun part about this is that you can do it too! I think it’s a great way to keep procrastination at bay and to get things done at a better pace. All you need is someone to hold you accountable for your weekly writing goals . It works best if they’re another writer making these weekly goals as well, but a friend or family member works just as well, as long as they’re dedicated to helping you. Posting it on your blog, social media, fridge, or some other place where others will see it also helps. 🙂

If you think this is something that would help you, I encourage you to do so! I think it’s a fun and useful idea and is especially good for the summer when you have more time to complete things.

Are you thinking of doing a Weekly Writing Goal this week or in the future? Or, do you already do something similar? What projects and goals have you been currently working on or are planning on doing in the near future! I wish you all luck in your writing endeavors! 🙂

Infinity Dreams Award


Infinity Dreams Award.png

I was actually tagged to do this by three people, Kellyn from “Reveries”kbl from “KBLSewing”, and Aurora from “Incomparable”.  Thanks you guys! But that means I have 33 questions to answer at the end…that’ll be fun.

11 Facts About Me (no, I’m not doing 33 of these)

  1. I love the smell of yeast. (Random, I know, but it was the first thing that came to the top of my head.)
  2. I have alopecia areata.
  3. My favorite color is turquoise.
  4. My favorite season is autumn.
  5. I’ve finished 5 novels, but haven’t revised any of them. (I’m planning on it, though!)
  6. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. a Mormon)
  7. I took piano lessons for 7+ years.
  8. My favorite number is 23.
  9. I get claustrophobic sometimes. Usually in cars or tents or in really small spaces.
  10. My favorite tree is either the willow or the aspen.
  11. I love orange juice–I think I could drink it all day long…

The 33 Questions…

Questions from Kellyn:

If you were to choose one place in the world to vacation, where would that be? What would you do there?

Hmm…I don’t know. Somewhere new and exotic, out of the country. Probably somewhere in Europe. And while I was there, I would go sightseeing and eat lots of yummy new foods.

Say you’re trapped in one of your favorite books as the main character. What would you do differently than what he/she did?

One of my favorite books…but there’s too many choices! I would say something by Brandon Sanderson, but most of his books have multiple main characters…I’ll go with Dragon Slippers for this one. What would I do differently? I’d ride the dragons way more often. I’ve always wanted to ride a dragon.

What’s your least favorite thing about your favorite book?

I’m going to go with the Stormlight Archives series for this one, by Brandon Sanderson. My least favorite thing is that the next book isn’t coming out until 2017. Agh!

If you had a choice between being trapped in a frozen wasteland or a barren desert, what would you choose?

Frozen wasteland, definitely. I’d much rather die of cold than of heat.

If you were able to take three books with you on vacation, what three would those be? (And, no, you can’t just bring your Kindle….)

I’d bring my Book of Mormon (one of our religious texts), and then I’d bring The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, since those are both over 1000 pages long and should last me until the end of vacation. 🙂

If you had a time machine, where (and when!) would be the first place you went?

If I couldn’t affect anything, I’d love to go to the past and just observe what it was like (and I’d also really like to meet Jesus Christ) but if I would affect things, I’d probably go to the future and just see what it’s like. Then I could write really realistic sci-fi books, hehe!

What’s your motto?

I don’t know…I don’t think I have one specific motto that I follow or I feel is just meant for me. Also, my mind is blanking on mottos.

What would you hate to see someone throw away?

Interesting question…probably something that I would be willing to take, like chocolate or cookies or books or something.

Say you take up a new hobby (something you’ve never tried before). What would that be?

Something I’ve never tried before? Well, I think it’d be cool to learn to paint professionally, but I’ve tried painting before. Ooh, it would be cool to learn how to weave cloth by hand…I could make rugs and tapestries and it sounds like fun.

To be or not to be? That is the question!

To be!

What’s the #1 item on your bucket list?

To (when I get older) get married and become a mother.

Questions from kbl:

Least favorite food?

Mushrooms. Or squash. But I really don’t like mushrooms…they just kind of creep me out with how they look. They just look wrong.

Most bearable/favorite core subject in school?

English. Because I love to read and write.

Favorite day of the week? (Not Saturday or Sunday)

Hm. I like Fridays, but I also like Tuesdays and Wednesdays too. And Thursdays. I guess any day except for Mondays…

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

But there’s so many choices! I like peppermint sometimes, and strawberry, and cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip, and, well, most ice cream, because ice cream is delicious.

Coke or pepsi? 😉

Neither…? I’ve actually never tried either of them.

Favorite movie?

Lord of the Rings! I love that movie.

Book of choice to live in?

Hmmm…I don’t know. I’d love to live somewhere with magic and nice dragons, but not somewhere where I’d get hurt, but I’m pretty sure that anywhere I’d go would have threats and dangers. So…something with a really cool magic system that I could use. And with dragons. Uhh…I don’t know what book that would be. Maybe I’d go in Dragon Slippers even though there’s not much of that magic in it, but the dragons are awesome.

Favorite and least favorite character in said book?

In Dragon Slippers, my favorite character is Creel, the main character. She’s awesome. And my least favorite character…that one girl whose name I can’t remember that SPOILERSPOILER betrays her.

Favorite holiday?

Christmas! I love the Christmas season.

Favorite color?


Favorite type of shoe?

Uh…flip flops. Honestly, I’d rather not wear shoes at all. Can I answer barefoot?

Questions from Aurora:

What would you do if you were stuck in a small pitch-black room, with no doors or windows, and you were only surrounded by walls?

Cry. And get claustrophobic. And try to find a way out. And pray for help. And if no help came, I’d pass the time by talking to myself or telling stories in my head or singing songs.

If you could choose to change a part in your favourite book which part would you change, and what would you change it to instead?

I have no idea. Most of my favorite books are so awesomely written that even though I don’t like some of the things that happen to the characters, I probably wouldn’t actually change them, because the conflict is what makes the books so amazing.

You are given a choice to choose between a sword and a bow and arrows. Which would you choose?

To fight with, or just to have? If it was just to have, I’d way rather have a sword. I’d want a really cool looking one too, with a spiky/really serrated blade that generally is just super awesome to look at. To fight with…I don’t know. I feel like a bow and arrows would be less dangerous, so I might choose that, but I’d love to learn how to fight with a sword. So I’d probably go with the sword either way.

What was your scariest dream/nightmare?

Out of all of them, the scariest are probably the ones where someone in my family dies. I don’t like those ones at all.

What is your dream job?

Being a stay-at-home mom and an author! That’s what I want to do when I grow up, and hopefully it’ll work out.

What are your thoughts… on apple pie?

It is delicious and probably my favorite kind of pie there is. Yummm. *mouth waters at the thought of apple pie*

What is your favourite subject?

In school? English, Choir, or Creative Writing. I like all of those.

If you had to choose between turning all water into blood or turning all food into stars, which would you choose?

All food into stars because it would make the sky look pretty as I died…

Are you on NaNoWriMo?

Yup! I’m bookishgirl on the YWP and bookishgirl23 on NaNo.

What is your favourite book?

Probably any of Brandon Sanderson’s books. He’s an amazing fantasy author, and I really need to write a blog post on him sometime because his books are so fantastical.

Which of these questions did you enjoy the most?

Out of these eleven, I really liked the sword and arrows one, since I like fantasy-ish stuff. Out of all thirty-three…I don’t know, I can’t decide. There were too many good ones that I enjoyed answering.



  •  Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers



I’m pretty sure every blogging person that I know has already been tagged, so…if you haven’t read Brandon Sanderson, you’re tagged. And you should also go read some of his books.


Questions for Tagged People

  1. What is your favorite hobby?
  2. Out of all household chores, which is your favorite/the least tedious to do?
  3. What is your favorite meal to eat?
  4. If you could only say ten words throughout your life, what would they be? (You could say them over and over again, but you could only use those ten.)
  5. What book are you reading right now/the most recent book you’ve read?
  6. What is your favorite kind of fruit?
  7. What is your favorite picture book from your childhood?
  8. Do you prefer orange juice or apple juice?
  9. Do you speak any languages other than English? If so, what are they?
  10. What is your favorite song or artist?
  11. What is your favorite type of cookies?

Have fun! 😀

What’s “Word Choice”?

You know, I’d like to say I was a child prodigy at writing, but in elementary school, I got fairly average grades on my pieces, and my worst grade was usually in word choice. (It was a happy day when I found out that using the word “said” over and over again was okay because it became invisible.)

Unfortunately, I still have very bad word choice, or, at least, I don’t really think about it when I write. I’ve read a lot, and I do know plenty of words, but I have to actually concentrate on using the right words when I write, otherwise it all ends up kind of bland.

When I was younger, I used to think that word choice just meant using big words. I liked to use “gargantuan” and “stupendous” a lot, because they were big and I thought no one knew about them. (My grades on word choice didn’t improve much when I used them.)

Over the years, I’ve learned that word choice is more than that. Most, if not all words have connotations to them, feelings and moods associated with them. Consider how I can change the entire mood of just a sentence by using different word choice.

Beads of rain danced through the sky, glittering in the sunlight like tiny diamonds.


Torrents of rain plunged toward the ground under the gloomy, gray light of a watered-down sun.

As you can see, the sentences, though the subject is nearly the same, have a completely different mood in our minds. Why is that? Because of the word choice.

They both talk about rain falling, and how the sun shines on it. The real difference between them is how they are portrayed.

In the first example, the words like “danced,” “glittering,” “sunlight,” and “diamonds” give us a bright, shiny feel. In the second example, words such as “torrents,” “plunged,” “gloomy,” and “watered-down” give us a darkened, lonely feel.

This can be applied to any scene, any mood, and any feeling. In English, words mean more than their dictionary definition. I think of words kind of like linder, from the book Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. In the book, the characters find a way to communicate with each other through the linder stone, but it’s not in words. They speak in memories and images that convey the message of the words.

For me, it’s the same way with words. When I see the word “glittering,” it makes me think of shiny things. If I see “gloomy,” I think of gray and depression. When I see “watered-down,” it makes me think of the non-tasty taste of hot chocolate without enough powder.

Putting together words like this creates not only imagery, but also mood. I remember that shining things are pretty, gloomy things are sad and lonely, and watered-down hot chocolate is very depressing, and it gives me a feel for the scene.


It’s definitely hard to write with word choice all the time. To write like this, I have to constantly think about it, and to be honest, it’s kind of daunting to think of trying to write this way all the time.

But like all things, I’m sure it’ll come with time and practice, and I’m going to try to be better at it and make my choice of words reflect the mood of the scene instead of being bland and boring. After all, watered-down words are just gross.

A New Adventure

I’ve never blogged before, so this really is a new adventure for me, but I’m quite excited for it. For a long time, I’ve thought the idea of having a blog was really cool, but the cautious side of me never made one until now. But let me tell you, now that I finally have, I can’t wait to get started.

“Lana, do you even know what you’re doing?” you might ask. Honestly, not really, but I’m going to find out, and I’m going to have fun doing it. I have a few ideas for some posts, so if this blog does decide to nosedive and crash into the ground, there’ll at least be a few posts finished before it does.

“Lana, what’s this blog going to be about?” you might also ask. Well, I think the blog’s title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about music and words, meaning it’ll be about my love of writing and music. Writing may have a few more posts than music, but music will definitely play a role. And then there’ll probably be some random posts.

“Lana, when you say you’ll talk about writing and music, what does that even mean?” Ah. Well, you see, I’m an aspiring author, writing novels, worldbuilding, all that fun stuff. But even though I’m relatively new to writing, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I’m going to share those with you. (Okay, maybe they’re more of opinions than tricks, but I’m still going to share them.) I’m also working on a project or several at all times, so you’ll likely hear a lot about those. I may also share some of my favorite books and authors and talk about what makes them so good in my opinion.

As far as music goes, I like all sorts of music, but I especially love music with lyrics that really mean something. (See how that fits right in with writing?) I’ll share with you some of my favorite songs, along with songs we’re singing in choir, and talk about the lyrics and how they fit the message of the piece. After all, it’s like poetry, and everyone knows that writers analyze poetry.

“Lana, are you ever going to finish this post?” Heh, yes, I am. At the end of this paragraph, I’ll hit that publish button and embark on this new adventure with you. Keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times (or at least most of the time if you can’t contain yourself) and enjoy the ride!