beautiful cover by M. L. Pithey

“I want to see it burn.”

Destroying the Enhancement Facility seems impossible, but Julius says they need to do something big and flashy to attract the attention of the city’s government, and destroying this place would mean saving many others.

Challenges arise, from within their group and without. Mixed in with the prejudices and desires of each person, a new figure arises from the dust.

He died as a scientific genius over a hundred years ago, his body preserved and revived through cryogenics. Now he wakes to an entirely new world.

From comfort to pain. From friend to enemy. From acceptance to rebellion.

From ice to flames.

Cryonic is the second book in my epic sci-fi series, and it’s very much not planned out. I do have a vague idea of plot, but a lot of things need to be developed and worked on before I can write it. I do know, however, that Taira will be a POV character in this novel, and Brie probably won’t (even though I adore her). And I know some other things, but those are spoilers.

I wrote part of the first draft of Cryonic in April 2016 for Camp NaNoWriMo. Currently, it’s on hold while I work on rewriting Enhanced and developing it more.

Current Progress:

Cryonic Draft 1 (on hold):

40518 / 150,000 words (27%)

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