Character Studies: Meryn’s Hobbies

imageIt’s time for the May Character Studies, this time themed with hobbies, and I will be interviewing Meryn, one of my six main characters in my epic sci-fi series. She’s the daughter of a wealthy man in the city (whose profession I haven’t decided on yet) and is kind of spoiled. But despite that, she’s awesome and I still love her so much. Fun fact: She actually doesn’t meet any of the other main characters until Cryonic, the second book, but she has a younger sister named Aislynn who I shall try to introduce to you soon.

Character Studies is a monthly character interview hosted by Morgan Dusky from Studies in Character. You can find this month’s interview questions on her blog here.

  •  You need some time with friends, being social. What do you do and where do you go?

I’ll either hang out with my friends at their houses, or I’ll go to one of the parties hosted in the evenings in the Brev-Talo near my house. At the parties there’s dancing and talking and just general socializing, and it’s especially nice because Aislynn isn’t old enough to get in yet so she can’t bother me and my friends.

  • You want some time alone. Just you and yourself. What do you do?

I’d probably go down to the Green, a park a couple stops away, and either sit and think or maybe read. Sometimes (and don’t tell anyone I said this, because it’s highly childish) I’ll climb the trees in the Green and just watch people walk below me because they never look up.

  • You’re feeling creative. What do you do?

I love to color-coordinate things, so I’d probably do that with something in the house, whether it be Aislynn’s closet or the bookshelf in our living room. Sometimes I doodle outfits and ideas for fashion, but I don’t do that too often.

  • What do you do when you don’t want to do anything useful or productive? Your favorite “useless waste of a time”?

I spend time with my friends or maybe even talk to Aislynn, if I’m feeling too lazy to leave the house. Or I just take a nap. That’s nice too.

  • What do you do when it rains?

I love it when it rains really hard, because I’ll sit next to the window, wrapped in a blanket, and listen to it falling. It just sounds so pretty and ferocious all at once, and sometimes I’ll even see lightning over the city.

  • What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Oh, I don’t know. I like to take walks in the Green sometimes, when it’s nice outside. Sometimes I’ll also play an occasional sports game with my friends, as long as its not raining.

  • Do you like to read?

I’d rather talk to my friends than read a book, but I do like it in my spare time. Aislynn’s definitely more of a reader than I am…she practically breathes books.

  • What makes you laugh?

All sorts of things…my friends, old pictures and memories, movies, Aislynn’s horrible attempts at humor…

  • You’re going to a museum/exhibit of some kind. What is at the museum and who do you go with? Do you enjoy yourself?

No, I don’t enjoy myself, unless it was that fashion exhibit I went to once that was really interesting. However, in this case it’s probably my mother trying to make sure I’m “educated and refined” and so I make it a point not to be happy about it. Even if it wasn’t her taking me, I still wouldn’t like it. Museums are just so…empty of people and quiet. You just stand there and look at things, which honestly, doesn’t sound very fun to me.

  • BONUS: What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

Macadamia with white chocolate. They’re delicious.

What do you think of Meryn? Would you like to learn more about her and Aislynn? What are some of your favorite hobbies?