A Timeline of Cartography

Since I’m too lazy to write an “actual” blog post, I thought it’d be fun to show you all the maps I’ve ever drawn for my stories and such. (I dunno where the idea came from, but it involves lots of pictures, and pictures make any blog post better.)

I’ll begin with the very first maps that I could find, drawn in the margins of one of my notebooks at about one square inch area each.

tarluun maps
From my very first novel, Raven. Pretty much, this just splits Tarluun (the country) into the four parts of the Barren, the Grasslands, the Jungle, and the Swamps. Creative names, right?
eridale map.png
This is actually one of my very favorite maps, drawn for my Nov. 2013 novel, Crystal of Shadow. In it, the characters had to travel all the way across Eridale from Creost down to Aelmoor, and I liked the challenge of having to put the map to scale, and I also liked the idea of all the regions and giving them names. I’m not really sure where the lines to split them are now, but I still like this map.
esclia map
A fairly simple map for my novel Eyes Closed and it’s sequel, and the sort of sequel series ish thing I’m going to be writing at some point.
zel idea map.png
I made this while I was brainstorming my Zel novel, and it was really interesting as I tried to figure out Zel’s backstory while symbolically connecting it to the setting and her backstory. Only some of it is still relevant, but this was a fun map.
zel map official.png
This is the official map for the Zel novel. In Davacas, you can see the rivers and the canal system the people have created off of it, and in Araguie…you can see my attempt at creating one of those maps where they show elevation. It didn’t really work, but it adds some cool texture to the map. I especially like the compass rose on this one, as it relates to the story.
bloodstone map finished.png
And lastly, the map for the RP I’ve been planning, Bloodstone. This one might just look better than all the rest because it actually has colors, and the names were added online and are readable, but I like it for other reasons too. I mean, for one thing, I actually have roads on this map, which I didn’t have before, and all the cities have names. It even shows some of the dynamics between the three human kingdoms with the Scarlet navy attacking the Cobalt, and the Silver coming to the Cobalt’s aid. This is probably my favorite map out of all that I’ve done.

So there you have it–all of my cartography skills and the maps for quite a few of my novels. Do any of you guys make maps for your stories, or do you just wing it? (I’ve usually done the latter, and it really doesn’t end up very well for me….)