They Lied to Us, the Weathermen

This is a poem I wrote a couple weeks ago based off a conversation I had while driving to school. It’s definitely not a masterpiece or anything, but it amused me and was quite fun to write.


They lied to us, the weathermen

Did they ever tell the truth?

I used to watch them every day

With all the innocence of youth.


They said today the sun would shine

But one glance outside my window

Reveals the awful truth they hid

The snow falls in a blizzard.


All I see is swirling white

As the snow just blows and blows.

They lied to us, the weathermen

And I just can’t let it go.


I always trusted their reports

And blindly let them guide me.

My heart grows cold–now I know

That “chance” of sun meant nothing.


I meant to take a walk today

A picnic on the beach.

Now I guess I’m stuck at home

Under mountains of blankets and sheets.


They lied to us, the weathermen–

No, they lied to me!

My frozen heart is shattered now

No more to be free.


I cannot trust the weathermen.

I’ll never trust again.

Anyone catch the subtle Frozen reference?