Battle Song


Amrya il Osamarii, strongest warrior in her clan, has never wanted to fight. Yet the rules and traditions of the mers are strong, binding her to this life of endless fighting until she is killed and melts into seafoam on the ocean waves.

The life of the humans calls to her. They are not like the mers–no, it is said that they have immortal souls that live long after they die–and to live after death, Amrya must marry one of them. His soul must become her own.

With the sea witch’s power, Amrya becomes human–for a price. Not only must she give up her fighting arm, but she must marry Crown Prince Rhysdan li Sannave before he marries another. If she succeeds, she will live forever. If she fails, death is the only prize that awaits her.

After she is suspected as a spy from a nearby island, Prince Rhys wants nothing to do with her, and, if it weren’t for the bargain she made, she wouldn’t want anything to do with him either. As her feelings turn to the younger prince, Aeren, the question looms: which is more important, life or love?

Battle Song is a retelling of The Little Mermaid using more of the original story than Disney did, but still with a few twists. For example, the mermaids live in warrior clans, Amrya trades her fighting skills/actual fighting arm instead of her voice to become human, and there are two princes instead of one. (And they’re both fantastic. I will flail at you about Rhys and Aeren for the longest time if you let me because they’re just so great.)

Anyway, if you want more information than that, I recommend my post Mermaid Clans, Fairy Tales, War, and Adorable Princes because it’s quite fun and describes the novel well & all of the things I love about it (though a couple of things have changed since then).

I started the first draft of Battle Song during NaNoWriMo of 2016 (writing 37,509 words) and shortly after put it away to work more fully on Enhanced. Now, I’m coming back to it in an attempt to write and publish a novel (see my Becoming an Author series for more info on my progress with that).

Current Progress:

Battle Song 1.0 (first attempt):

38,754 / 80,000 words (48%)

You can find my progress on Battle Song 2.0 (current attempt) on the sidebar of the blog.

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