enhanced cover
Cover by the fantastic M. L. Pithey

The city always seemed so far away.

Hanging in the distance, a mere silhouette against the dusty horizon, almost a fantasy of the mind to those who live in the Outer Regions. But there are train tracks, metal snakes, that weave across the land and connect them all.

Kai’s mother is dying. Brie’s brother has been missing for months. Will’s fingers itch to be doing something other than hot, backbreaking work. In the city, there is a place for them all, with towering buildings and seemingly magical technology.

Lil’s son is dead. Meryn’s perfect life is disintegrating to dust around her. People disappear and never return. Things aren’t quite right in this city of twisted metal and roaring streets.

When they find that Brie’s brother, Seth, has been taken by the city’s government to their “Enhancement Facility,” a place of terror disguised as one of hope, he needs to be rescued. But with the cunning Lead Enhancer one step ahead of everyone else, what starts as a rescue could just as easily turn to an escape.

Enhanced is the first novel in my epic sci-fi series, and I finished the first draft in late 2015. (Fun fact: I finished it on Halloween.) However, when I first wrote it, it had nothing to do with an epic sci-fi and was much different than my plan for it is now. The setting is more developed, there are more main characters, and everything is way improved. There are five POV characters who narrate the story: Will, Kai, Brie, Lil, and Meryn. You can meet them, and several other important characters, in this post: Let Me Introduce You to the Cast of Enhanced.

I’m currently rewriting Enhanced with its new aspects added in, at a ballpark goal of 120,000 words. You can find my progress on the sidebar of the blog, and once I finish, I’ll be asking for beta-readers to look it over and read it for me!

Current Progress:

First draft (finished October 31, 2015):

You can find my rewriting progress on the sidebar of the blog.

Posts About Enhanced:

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