Character Studies: Kai’s Comforts

imageI’m finally doing the June Character Study! (I know, I know, I’m behind, but at least I’m doing it now!) This one is on comfort, or as Ereinne (one of Morgan’s characters) calls it, affection. This one will be interesting since Kai’s character has changed a lot since I wrote the first draft of Enhanced. He was my original main character, but I haven’t used him for the Character Studies yet because he was basically a sugar character…nothing nutritious or filling at all. (Yes, I did just make that term up.) However, I finally feel that he’s ready to be exposed out into the open. For a little background, his mom is sick and dying but he doesn’t want anyone to know that so just shhh. Don’t tell him I told you.

Character Studies is a monthly character interview hosted by Morgan Dusky from Studies in Character. You can find this month’s interview questions on her blog here and here.

  • Who’s your best friend?

I try to be friendly and make a lot of friends… I wouldn’t say I have a best friend. I know a lot of people, but no one really stands out as the “best” one.

  • You’re feeling miserable.  Who tries to cheer you up?  Does it work?  Do you appreciate it?

My mom usually is the one to try to cheer me up, or sometimes my friends if I’m with them. And it usually doesn’t work, but I pretend it does, and sometimes the pretending works. It definitely doesn’t work if she’s miserable too, though. Then we’re both miserable. I appreciate her trying, though.

  • What actually is the best way to cheer you up?

Probably just hanging out with my friends and talking–that usually works. Or being convinced to try something crazy–a little adrenaline rush really stops any miserable-ness.

  • What’s your favorite comfort food?  Or what do prefer to eat when you’re sick?

Sometimes Mother plants things in the garden that we’re not supposed to–things besides flowers–and then we eat them. That always makes me happy, even if I’m sick.

  • You’re being congratulated on/for something.  How do people congratulate you?

Congratulated for what? I haven’t done anything congratulatory…but if I ever did do something amazing we’d have a celebration with dancing and music and people would tell me “Congratulations.”

  • What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Walking with a pretty girl who is clever and is impressed by me and makes me laugh as we talk about anything and everything, and then maybe playing some games together or something. I know that sounds kind of childish, but I kinda think it would be nice.

  • What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?

My dad died when I was younger, and I only have a few memories of him. But my relationship with Mother is good. Sometimes we just talk and I tell her everything–from friends to girls to my dreams for the future. She always listens to everything.

  • If you could have anything at all, what would you want your parents to give you? (Not something tangible)

More time.

  • Hug or fist-bump?

Fist-bump. I don’t like all that touchy-feely stuff.

  • BONUS: Are you ticklish?

I’m not going to answer this question…

  • Which is your preferred fight—words or fists?

Fists, but it doesn’t happen much…well, not anymore. When I was younger I got in quite a few fights…

  • How difficult is it for you to apologize when you were wrong about something?

Pretty difficult…I’m not very good at apologizing…or even admitting that I’m wrong. I usually wait for the other person to apologize first.

  • You had a nightmare. Do you go to anybody for comfort? If so, who?

No, I don’t tell anyone. There’s no reason for me to bother them.

  • Someone is trying to ask you out. What could they do to really screw it up? What is, in your opinion, the ideal way to be asked out?

There is a multitude of ways they could screw it up…but to really screw it up? Someone I don’t like very much asking me when I’ve had a really bad day while expecting they’ll get exactly what they want. I prefer girls to be a little more hard to get, so the ideal way to be asked out would be for me to gradually and subtly convince them to ask me out. It’d be so much more rewarding that way.

  • What would you do for love? What would you do for hate?

I’d do a lot of things for love. If I really love someone, and I mean really love them, I will do anything to help them. For hate? Maybe get a little revenge and punch someone but not much more than that. Hate is strong, but not that strong.

  • What is your perfect happily ever after?

Being able to have everyone I love around me when I need them.

  • What would you do if someone hugged you so hard, they knocked you both to the floor?

Push them off and give them a look that says “Why on earth would you even do that?”

[*Lana enters interview* The funny thing is that I can totally see Brie doing that…]

Please don’t talk about Brie.

[Why not?]

She’s so…immature.

[Well, you’re not exactly the epitome of maturity either. I actually can’t believe how shallow you are about some things.]

Wow, thanks.

  • What’s your favorite thing about your favorite person? (If you don’t have a favorite person, just pick one awesome person.)

I guess my favorite person is my mom, but please don’t say that out loud, because it sounds really childish and immature. My favorite thing about her is that she isn’t always perfect and she doesn’t make me try to be perfect. Sometimes we break the rules and that’s okay.

  • Do you like to be touched by other people, or would you rather they kept their hands to themselves?

I’d rather not have anyone touching me. Unless they’re a certain pretty girl…I wouldn’t mind holding her hand or something.

  • BONUS: Do you like plants?

I like the plants in our garden. The plants that we grow as a region I’ve grown to hate because they remind me of long, sweaty days working in the sun without enough water and hardly any reward.

What do you think? Seriously, though, I didn’t realize he was so shallow about girls. If I actually had any control over him I’d teach him a lesson, but I’m afraid he won’t listen if I try. Which of your characters do you wish you could teach a lesson to and why? Would they actually listen? 😉

3 thoughts on “Character Studies: Kai’s Comforts

  1. Morgan @ studiesincharacter August 2, 2016 / 11:11 PM


    I read this one, a while ago, and just now, I only skimmed it, so I can’t remember any comments I had when I first read it. I really need to respond to things more often, heh.


    • Lana August 3, 2016 / 11:24 AM


      That’s fine…I can’t even really remember what I wrote about in this post so I would have had to reread it anyway if you did have something else to say.


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